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1x2 - Dinosaur War Izenborg


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After Gorgo failed, Ururu demanded a warrior of the sky to be his next fighter. The monster who answered his call already slept in a cave on the surface of the world. As two cave spelunkers wandered into the cavern, Terano used his hypnotic eyes to take over the minds of a colony of bats living in the darkness. In no time, the bats reduced the humans to skeletons and the gigantic, winged reptile took to the sky with a swarm of red bats following closely behind! The pterosaur and bats attacked planes and helicopters until the D-Force was called, and Zen was sent to represent them in a meeting with the self-defense forces and Prime Ministers. It wasn't long before Terano lead his swarm into Tokyo, and luck would have it, he fired his flame breath at the building the meeting was taking place! Soon, after ramming his beak into the building, the Super Aizenborg was formed! A dog fight quickly ensued, but the vicious dinosaur’s wing membrane was cut by the ship’s rotary saw.

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14 Ottobre 1977
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