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1x104 - Candy Candy

A Clinic That Doesn't Need Angels

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Even after a successful surgery, Candy finds that the men automatically assume that accidents are fatal and that a doctor is fed better than a nurse; She also discovers that Dr. Kerry is the sister of the wanted Arthur Kerry Candy took her for on the train. Arthur got into trouble after challenging a thieving administrator in a pet shop where he worked who fired him. While defending himself against an assault, the administrator was accidentally killed. And now Dr. Kerry is in search of her brother who as a fugitive most likely can be found at desperate places such as Graytown. Candy and Dr. Kerry learn that Arthur Kerry is in Chicago through Albert's doctor, Dr. Martin who used to work together with Dr. Kerry, Archibald and Annie who put two and two together after a letter from Candy with her first adventures at Graytown. Dr. Kerry takes a week of absence to find Arthur in Chicago. But now Candy is all alone and Nelson wants her gone.

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17 Novembre 1978
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