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1x107 - Candy Candy

A Special Menu For One Hundred People

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Graytown is left without a cook. Candy does her best to do both Margot's job and her own, but even with Belle helping out, Candy realizes Nelson will take Belle into the city to find her a foster family and get a replacement cook, because Belle cannot stay in Graytown without a guardian. Meanwhile back in Chicago, Eliza's plot backfires: Arthur was not found, Candy is still free, somebody else was arrested, and Archibald catches her in his room with his mail. Nelson gives Candy the responsibility to find a foster family for Belle in Chicago, and because Candy cannot find it in her heart to tell Belle the truth, Belle thinks she is going to see her mother again. But Archibald and Annie arrive from Chicago volunteering to work as cooks until Margot can come back after her trial, and Candy persuades Belle to return to the construction camp. The workers never had such a fancy dinner, but Belle is not as easily appeased as she sneaks away.

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8 Dicembre 1978
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