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1x108 - Candy Candy

Sounds of Joy Roar in The Valley

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Belle takes off with the small cargo train in order to catch the train to Chicago by herself. Hearing the steam whistle that Belle loves to sound, the workers, Annie, Archibald and Candy run outside and run after it. Candy is just in time to jump in the last wagon and climbs to the front from one to the other. But as the train gains speed and hits a curve, Candy is almost thrown off and can barely hold on. In order to save Candy's life, Belle decides to stop the train after all. When Eliza discovers the whereabouts of Annie and Archibald she uses her ties in Candy's hospital. Annie and Archibald are ordered back to Chicago, while Candy will be transferred to Alaska. Just as the three of them leave, Margot returns, exhausted but exonerated, allowing Belle to stay in Graytown. Candy returns to the construction site with the weakened Margot to take care of her as nurse. But Archibald and Annie continue to Chicago in order to use their own ties to protect Candy's work.

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15 Dicembre 1978
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