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1x14 - Drak Pack

The Grimmest Book Of Records

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Dr. Dred has a new invention: The Terbites. They are little, pink eggs with little legs and feet, and big teeth and appitites. Upon command, the Terbites will eat anything. Meanwhile, Drak, Frankie, and Howler are going to a monster disco party. They must go in costume. This episode has proof that Dracula is Drak's uncle. Drak calls him "Uncle Dracula" and Howler also mentions that Dracula is Drak's uncle. At any rate, they go to the disco in the swamp, and immediantly choose dance partners. Howler ends up dancing with an octopus creature, while Frankie dances with a plant monster. Drak, himself, ends up dancing with a lovely lady vampire in a long, red dress, purple mask, and a tall, platinum hairdo (guess who...). Howler discovers that the girl he was dancing with was a robot, as all the other guests, but one. The vampiress that Drak was dancing with. She removes the mask and wig to reveal herself as Vampira. She traps the boys, who learn of Dred's plans to steal the Eiffal Tower, the Statute of Liberty, and other great monuments for ransom. Again, Drak and the others escape and fly to New York in the Drakster. Mummy Man and Vampira, disguised as a vacationing couple, set loose Terbites to eat through the statue's pedistal, allowing it to be stolen. The boys are once again trapped, but free themseleves with the Drak Wack. They follow O.G.R.E. to O.G.R.E. Island.

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11 Ottobre 1980
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