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1x15 - Drak Pack

International Graffiti

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The boys arrive at the movies for a big sneak preview of a new movie. Dred comes on the screen, roaring like the MGM lion. The movie is of the Drak Pack (who have never made movies), who do mean things that the boys never did. At a "secret meeting" in a junkyard, Dred tells Drak that the movies are going to ruin the Drak Pack's good-guy reputation. At the Dreadfull Productions Movie Studio, O.G.R.E. is making another movie. Vampira is playing Drak, Fly is playing Howler, and Mummy Man is playing Frankie. They boys arrive at the studio. Toad (in disguise) gives them a tour. After sruvuving a collapsing bridge, they bounce (in a snowball) down a hill covered in fake snow and land in a pond. Then the boys survive a meeting with a mechanical shark. Dred's next big movie is "High Noon for Big D", where the fake Drak Pack kidnap Dracula and expose him to sunlight. (Or, that's the plan, anyway...) After escaping from another of Dred's traps, they boys arrive in the desert, where they have a western-type show-down with the fakes (minus Vampira, but plus Toad). Howler blows Big D's coffin into a mine, so when the alarm goes off and Big D wakes up, he is not destroyed. Big D is mad because the boys ruined his big movie comeback.

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1 Novembre 1980
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