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1x3 - Dragonaut: The Resonance

Awakening -The Wings Gather-

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Toa and Spirytus continue their battle as dragons, but once their battle reaches a critical point, the ISDA is given permission to interfere in the battle. Thus, Machina, Amadeus, and Howlingstar transform into dragons, controlled by their "pilots", Akira, Sieglinde, and Raina, respectively. Despite the odds, Toa manages to hold her own, which is when Gio, Kazuki's dragon, arrives on the scene, having previously been awakened by one of Toa's shock waves during the battle. As Gio, who is concerned about Toa, transforms into a dragon, Jin hops on his back so he can try to help Toa. As the two reaches Toa, Jin sees a vision where Toa tells him that she can no longer be with him now that he has seen her real form. Gio then shows up to tell Toa that he was created in order to protect her, and as the two were about to link hands, Howlingstar attacks them, returning them to battle. Then, Toa accidentally knocks Howlingstar onto Gio, plunging Gio and Jin into the ocean.

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18 Ottobre 2007
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