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1x4 - Dragonaut: The Resonance

Flight -To the End of the Blue-

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During an ISDA meeting, the subject of whether or not the D-Project should be made public is brought up. Meanwhile, after Jin wakes up on a beach with Gio, they discuss what Toa is to them. Jin then hears Toa singing, which he realizes is coming from the moon. Later, Machina and Akira come across Gio who is apprehending Jin, so they bring the two back to the ISDA. As Jin is being questioned by Akira, Gio explains his actions to Sakaki, the Dragonauts' military commander. When Gio is being escorted to Yuuri, he escapes, and Jin is also revealed to have escaped after being questioned. This is when Akira realizes that Jin and Gio planned their capture; in order to get a pod necessary for Jin to go into space with Gio. After Gio's brief scuffle with Machina, Akira's dragon, Gio transforms and Jin attaches the pod to Gio's neck. They then fly off towards the moon in hopes of finding Toa.

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25 Ottobre 2007
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