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1x3 - Please Teacher!

This Isn't Right Teacher

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Kei is sitting at a desk staring at the marriage certificate while Mizuho is showering. He seems reluctant to sign. Mizuho comes out of the shower and Kei is so surprised he accidentally presses the stamp down, therefore stamping his signature on it. Mizuho and Kei are now married. In the principals office Kei and Mizuho are told that they should keep their marriage a secret. The Principal says he understands as he married a student. In the classroom Hyosuke and the others are talking about how strange Kei has been acting lately. On his way home Minoru tells him that he must live with Mizuho in case the principal comes to check on them. When he gets home Mizuho is waiting from him in a wedding dress. Konoha says that since the paper work was so bland it would be a good idea if they have a little ceremony. Minoru gives Kei a ring to give Mizuho, he places it on her hand. They go to kiss when Kei hears Hyosuke called for him from outside. (There are many interrupted kisses in this series

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24 Gennaio 2002
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