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1x4 - Please Teacher!

Actually, I Think I Love You

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Kei is watching TV and Mizuho is grading papers. Kei thinks about how different Mizuho is from when she is at school. Mizuho tells Kei that his grades are bad and that he needs to improve on them. Kei thinks about how after you marry you learn things about your spouse you never knew. Mizuho picks Kei out in class for not paying attention. Later Hyosuke picks on him for it. Kei says that he's one to talk and Hyosuke showed everyone his test; his grade was 97. The others go on about how it is a miracle how Hyosuke is so book smart yet his intelligence in the real world is nothing. Hyosuke tell them it's because of Mizuho. Herikawa offers to help and Kei and Mizuho sees them talking. Mizuho talks to Kei about his grades. On their way home the boys talk about how they should have failed the test so Mizuho would be able to have a personal talk with them. When Kei gets home there is a message from Mizuho saying that she has a teachers meeting and will be late. She tells him he should go to M

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31 Gennaio 2002
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