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1x32 - Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Bunzel Fever

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Team Lightyear receives a call from Jo-Ad while in the early phase of an investigative mission (involving a series of thefts); Booster's family is letting Booster know that the bunzel harvest (the primary crop on Jo-Ad, which resembles eggplant) is due. When Booster claims that his duty to the Space Rangers supersedes his farming history, his Grandfather reminds him of the legendary ""Bunzel Fever"", that strikes down any native of Jo-Ad that isn't involved in the bunzel harvest. Booster dismisses the legend and eschews the harvest. When it turns out that the legend isn't a myth, Booster goes through a ""pon-far""-type thing, that is marked by him ""hulking out"" into a large, bellicose form that is determined to harvest bunzels, or anything bunzel-esque (...and since this transformation is also marked by him having spells of mistaking anything roughly ovoid for a bunzel, this gets fairly hazardous for anyone who is rotund and/or in a space ranger suit, XR, and Team Lightyear's ship

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3 Novembre 2000
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