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1x4 - Dinosaur War Izenborg


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Mere days after Stella's attack, Ururu sent out his next monster, the styracosaur Chirako! Burrowing through the ground at high speeds, the horned dinosaur burst through the streets of Tokyo, roaring his arrival, only to be answered by the D-Force firing missiles at the armored monster. Shrugging off the assault, Chirako charged at the ground vehicle Aizen 1, which moved quickly out of the way, causing the enraged dinosaur to run head first into a building. When Ai and Zen went to combine into Super Aizenborg, they found a massive crater where the saurian once stood. It wasn't long before Chirako reappeared, bursting out of the ground near Tokyo Tower! With a well aimed blast, the dinosaur fired his heat beam at the tower's foundation, causing it to tip! The Super Aizenborg flew in, using itself to prop the building up for the civilians to escape, as Chirako once again disappeared underground. When the allosaur Arrow joined the attack, his fight with the D-Force was interrupted.

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28 Ottobre 1977
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