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1x6 - Drak Pack

Night Of The Terbites

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Dr. Dred is feeling like a failure because the Drak Pack has defeated him so often. He builds a color collecter that steals the color from anything the ray hits. His first victims are the Drak Pack. First, Frankie's suit fades. Then, Dred steals the colors off the traffic lights, causing them to crash into the Art Museum steps. Soon, Count Dracula (a.k.a. "Big D") sends the boys into action. Dr. Dred tricks Drak into a "secret meeting", and the three are captured. Dr. Dred has Toad to drown them in the color, pink. For some reason, Frankie hates pink. Drak and Howler use this knowledge into getting Frankie angry enough that he breaks the ropes holding them. They then "Drak Wack", a three-way high-five that changes them into their monster forms. It is during this battle that we find out about the mild attraction that Vampira has for Drak. After a colorful battle, Dred and O.G.R.E. get away in their Dredgable. After a couple of wrong starts, Drak gets the hang of the color collecter and returns all the stolen colors. They return to Drak Pack Headquarters to report to Dracula, only to find that his colors were all wrong.

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6 Settembre 1980
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