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1x7 - Drak Pack

Time Out For Dr. Dred

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This adventure begins with a beach scene in Florida. Suddenly, a sea monster appears and scares everyone off. The monster is Vampira. Meanwhile, it's winter in the Drak Pack's city. Big D is in Florida for a monster concention, as he is the President of the Transylvanian Retired Spooks, Spectres, and Spirits Society. Back in Florida, Dred and O.G.R.E. scare away the guests and take over the hotel, intending to make the hotel into Dred's Hideout Hotel for the criminals of the world. Big D calls the boys, who arrive at the hotel very quickly. O.G.R.E. captures them and buries them up to the neck on the beach. And the tide is coming in. They boy "Drak Wack" with their heads. Howler uses his super breath to clear out the sand. After Drak learns Dred's plans (secret meeting), the boys plan to drive O.G.R.E. off. Frankie shrinks Mummy Man's bandages; Howler wraps Fly in a beach umbrella; and Drak turns into a seagull and burst Vampira's inflatable raft, sending her sailing off. But they are too late to stop the crooks from arriving at the hotel. So they call on Big D and his friends for help in getting rid of the crooks. Soon, Dred is swamped with complaints about ghosts, dragons, monsters, etc. The crooks flee the hotel, but don't get very far. Big D calls the police to capture the crooks. Big D's convention is a big success.

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25 Ottobre 1980
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