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1x8 - Drak Pack

The Hideout Hotel

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Dred calls a meeting of O.G.R.E. to show them a new invention, The Photo Grabber. The Photo Grabber turns anything it takes pictures of into photocopies. Meanwhile, Drak and Howler play bodyguards for Frankie, who is depositing money from his piggy bank into the 13th National Bank. Toad bumps into a man taking pictures of a butterfly. The Photo Grabber is accidently switched with the camera. Both Dred and the Drak Pack are in pursuit of the butterfly photographer, who is unaware of what his "camera' really is. They boys search a nearby playground for the butterfly chaser. Each are captured. Dred plans to get rid of the Drak Pack by having the little man shoot them with the Photo Grabber. Vampira turns into a rather ragged-looking butterfly to lure the little man back. They boys escape and "Drak Wack". Vampira succeeds in her quest, only to be shot with the Photo Grabber. Fly, Drak, Howler, Frankie, and Mummy Man also become victems. Dred then switches the Photo Grabber with the camera and restores Vampira, Fly, and Mummy Man. On the Dredgible, Toad accidently frees the Drak Pack, who gets a hold of the Photo Grabber and starts shooting things in the airship. O.G.R.E. escapes in a flat Dredgible. Back home, the boys contact Big D, only to be greeted by a flattened picture of Dracula. Thinking they had goofed, the boys make a run for it. Big D then pops up, wondering where the boys are going. It turns out that the "flat Dracula" was really only a life-sized picture of Big D.

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8 Novembre 1980
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