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1x9 - Drak Pack

Dred Goes Hollywood

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Drak, Frankie, and Howler are on vaction, but Dr. Dred follows them. Dred uses a weather machine --a little gold teapot with a lighting bolt on the side (The "temptest in a teapot") hooked up to a computer to amplify it's power-- to create a snowstorm in summer. Once again, the boys have to discover Dr. Dred's plot and twert it. Dred threatens to send an iceberg that he broke off from the polar icecaps to destroy New York City. He uses a decoy iceberg to distract the Drak Pack while he watches the action from a nearby tropical island. The boys realize that the iceberg was a decoy, and head for the tropcial island, where they are caputred. Before Dr. Dred leaves to watch his iceberg destroy New York, he creates a tidal wave that would destroy the island. The boys escape and stop the iceberg by tricking Toad into destroying it with a lighting bolt. Drak and the others sneak into the Dredgable, and, while the rest of O.G.R.E. is distracted by chacing Toad around, Drak pushes a certain button. They retreat, then trick Dr. Dred into using the machine. The Dredgable is caught in a private snowstorm and the teapot shatters. The Dredgable is last seen flying off somewhere to thaw out.

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27 Settembre 1980
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