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1x7 - Candy Candy

Am I elegant?

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Candy shares a self-baked loaf of bread with Klint in the stables. Meanwhile Eliza and Neil lead their mother there in the hope that she discovers Klint, but the raccoon can hide successfully into a haystack. Because Mrs. Leagan thinks Candy stole the bread, she confines Candy to the attic. Remembering Mrs. Leagan telling her she still has a lot to learn before being accepted as a true Leagan, she resolves to become elegant. Then she will be worthy to befriend her prince. When Mrs. Leagan and her children return from their outing, Mr. Leagan notices Candy is not amongst them. After an argument with Mrs. Leagan, Mr. Leagan preoccupies himself with Candy and asks her about the bread. Candy takes him to the stables to introduce him to Klint and procures his consent for Klint to live in the stables and garden. While Mr. Leagan is away on business, Candy exercises night and day with a book on her head to walk as elegant as Mrs. Leagan. She makes such headway that even Mrs. Leagan is compelled to take notice and yet puts Candy's efforts down: mimicking elegance like a monkey does not make her elegant. Meanwhile, Eliza points out that Candy constantly seeks out the company of the servants and refuses to be Eliza's playmate. And so Mrs. Leagan decides to downgrade Candy to a servant. When Candy overhears Eliza telling the news to Neil, Candy wanders, distressed, to the gates of the Ardley estate that are always closed, in the hope to meet her prince. She decides to explore for another possible entrance and discovers two more, all closed. When she pulls the chain of the third portal, a flood gate, she ends up having to rescue a young man. The charming Archibald Cornwell had been sleeping in a rowboat before being swept off by the current. Even if Archibald is not her prince, it seems that the Ardley estate houses plenty of interesting and friendly people.

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12 Novembre 1976
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