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1x7 - CRUSH

Love at First Sight

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After Bastien played the heroes to get Valentin out of the prostitution network into which the vicious manager of the Happy Twinks wanted to drag him, the two exes decided to get back together. Since they are in a relationship again, Bastien is particularly jealous and possessive of Valentin and when he surprises him in the locker room talking to Nathan, a handsome stranger with a devastating smile, he throws a new fit of jealousy. The fickle Enzo has decided to stop the one-night stands and find true love. This unexpected news amuses Sacha, who then challenges Enzo to show him that he can be a courteous, refined and respectful seducer by sending him to flirt with two handsome boys at the next table. Enzo met the boy of his dreams on Tinder and decided to pull out all the stops on their first date.

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19 Giugno 2022
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