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1x8 - CRUSH

Double Game

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Nathan, the handsome stranger who had approached Valentin in the locker room, this time meets him in the pool showers and tells him that he dreamed of him. Nathan turns out to be as manipulative as he is charming and he takes a certain pleasure in sowing doubt in Valentin's mind, who is having a hard time managing the situation. Enzo believed he had found true love, but when Bastien opens his eyes to the reality of the situation, the unfortunate man discovers that he has been manipulated and his disappointment is immense. Sacha learns that Sam slept with Enzo's cousin when they were separated and he then has no qualms about getting closer to his ex, whom he hadn't seen for two years, when he crosses paths with him. by chance at the Happy Twinks. Will Valentin resist Nathan's advances? Is Bastien right to be so jealous? Will Enzo find love? Will Ash continue his relationship with Sam?

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2 Agosto 2022
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