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2x11 - Emmerdale

Mon 5 Feb, 1973

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Jack is hiding out in the millhouse trying to write his second novel. He still cannot persuade Trash to wash. Sam arrives at The Woolpack with his new puppy dog and he mentions that he has seen Jack with a woman in the village. Annie and Henry are surprised as they have both been trying to find him. There is a strained atmosphere at the Verneys as Laura tells George she wants a divorce and admits to being unfaithful. Beryl arrives at the farm where she is worried as Sharon has not been home all night. Trash complains about Jack's typewriter keeping him awake all night but Jack tells him he saw him snoring. Reverend Ruskin calls in at The Woolpack for a drink to the surprise of the regulars. He asks Amos if he is willing to give a lady who has just come out of prison a job as a barmaid. Joe finds out that Sharon withdrew £50 from her savings the day she disappeared. Verney struggles to understand why Laura wants a divorce, she tells him she's had enough of him.

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5 Febbraio 1973
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