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2x2 - Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

Nightmare in Beverly Hills / The Cat in the Iron Mask

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While browsing through a magazine, Heathcliff dreams of what it would be like to be a rich Beverly Hills cat. He soon finds out, slipping off into dreamland. But once in Beverly Hills, Heathcliff finds out it's not the land of milk and honey he imagined. Lacking status, clothes and manners, he is soon pursued by an angry mob who feels he doesn't fit in. Heathcliff awakens to find he's safe in the Nutmeg household, which beats Beverly Hills any day. / Mungo's giant creation of a metal moving cat is ridiculed by the gang. Mungo overhears Mangle's plans to destroy the junkyard then buy it cheap. The Cats make hasty plans to defend their home, but Mangle's forces are overwhelming. It looks like all is lost until Mungo brings his Super-Cat on the scene to drive them away.

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10 Settembre 1985
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