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2x32 - D.Gray-man

Jasdevi, Enter

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No longer visible to the group, Jasdero and David attack. After Allen fails to force them out of hiding, the twins fire a new bullet: the green bomb, enclosing Allen in an airless jelly-like blob. Lavi helps and reveals, as he is Bookman's successor, he can identify the key. As he searches for the key, Krory also reveals he can find the Twins, and directs Allen in successfully catching them. To get out of their hold, the Twins release a mud-monster called Jasdevi's Hatred on Allen and Krory, devouring them whole. The Twins then take Lenalee and use her as a shield, angering Allen, who breaks free, only to be kept busy by an illusionary Earl with all the strength of the real one. Lero reveals that when the twins are thinking the same thing they make it real. Lavi finds the key, the masks and illusions disappear, and the Twins are visible once again. They become angered from being called 'kids' and annoyances, so they merge and reveal their true form, Jasdevi, "the Strongest Body Ever Imagined".

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13 Maggio 2008
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