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1x5 - Candy Candy

From Today, I'll be a princess?

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Per her request, Candy and her raccoon Klint depart to her self-chosen destiny Lakewood without the other orphans knowing, leaving some last parting counsel when she kissed them each goodbye in their sleep. Miss Pony gifts Candy her crucifix and Sister Mary gifts a new nightgown she sowed herself. Candy hitches a ride with Tom and his father Mr. Steve on their wagon. But when Tom's father learns the Leagans will adopt Candy he expresses his doubts and tells her to be strong and never cry. Tom gives her his lasso, so she has something to defend herself if people treat her badly. From the very moment of her arrival, Candy ends up being the victim of the nasty pranks by the Leagan children, Neil and Eliza, and she attempts to defends herself physically and fight them. Soon, she learns from Mrs. Leagan that, though she is adopted, she is to see herself as Miss Eliza's playmate rather than a sister, let alone a daughter of the Leagans. The second incident at the Leagan residence involves the servant girl Dorothy whom Candy tries to defend. Because Dorothy is afraid of the repercussions if she backs up Candy's version, Candy is forced to beg for forgiveness on her knees. While the children are cruel, and Mrs. Leagan prejudiced, Mr. Leagan is more neutral and convinced that Candy is exactly the type of friend his children need. However, he is often absent and lets his wife deal with the children. While expecting to see her prince at the house, Candy is confused that he is nowhere to be seen. But then Candy discovers a portrait of her prince in his kilt in the attic where she sleeps. When Candy asks Dorothy about him, the servant girl does not know who he is, but she can tell that he spends his holidays at the Leagan estate. So, now, Candy writes a letter to Pony's Home to assure them she is happy.

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29 Ottobre 1976
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